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Merino Wool Blanket: The Complete Buying Guide of 2020

People are always in need of cozy and warm bedroom arrangement, especially in the countries or regions where temperature drop is significant. Along with all other preparations, blankets are important. The selection of the right material, in best size and long term usability, all of these are those critical factors that make your wintertime bearable and help you get rid of seasonal flu, temperature, etc. Usually, a Merino wool blanket is an ideal choice.

When you go to the market to buy a new blanket, there are several basic materials to choose from. From knitted polyester to woven acrylic, from fleece to several types of cotton and a variety of wool. There are variant preferences in terms of colors, texture, weight, material, etc. One of the warmest ones belongs to wool. 

Merino wool blanket is the number one choice for most people. Let us start with knowing what Merino wool is all about. 

What Is Merino Wool?

Merino wool comes from very special, historically important, and economically beneficial breeds of sheep, known as Merino sheep. Among other breeds of sheep, Merino has a higher value because the wool is created from this breed.

Merino wool is a natural fiber, and its very thin texture makes it ideal for luxury, durable sportswear. Due to its unique texture and value, this kind of natural thread is in high demand in the garment industry. It is the oldest form of fiber in animals and is made up of a natural protein, also known as keratin.

The natural wool grown on Merino sheep gets the final texture with natural elements such as water, sunshine, grass, and air. This final texture of natural wool thread is then used to knit the Merino blankets invariant texture, shapes, colors, and sizes. As compared to synthetic fiber, which spinning machines produce artificially, Merino wool blankets have many benefits. 

Benefits of Buying a Merino Wool Blanket

Merino Wool Is 100% Natural 

As mentioned, merino wool is made from the natural fibers of merino sheep. It’s 100% natural and doesn’t use any harmful additives or chemicals that can damage your blanket or skin on contact.

Merino Wool Is Biodegradable

Since it is 100% natural, it is completely biodegradable. When the Merino wool blanket material is discarded at the end of its shelf life, it dissolves easily in the soil and, over time, releases its natural value into the soil.

Merino Wool Is Stain Resistant 

Merino wool blankets have a natural outer layer that protects the fabric from several issues, including protecting from stains. Also, Merino wool fabric does not generate static; hence, it is resistant to dust and lint as well. 

Merino Wool Is Breathable 

Due to its unique texture and natural formation, it is highly breathable. The Merino wool blanket can absorb a high amount of moisture from the air and then can release it back to air through the evaporative properties of the fiber. 

Merino Wool Is Renewable

The fiber used is Merino wool is renewable. The sheep breed that produces this particular wool grows fleece every year. Therefore, every year the fiber is available in the market for renewal of products and naturally disposing of the older ones. 

Merino Wool Is Wrinkle Resistant 

Merino wool will return to its original shape no matter how much the fiber is stretched. Keep in view that that natural shape of the fiber is like a coil, which stays in shape no matter how much pressure you apply, making the Merino wool blanket highly wrinkle resistant. 

Merino Wool Is Odor Resistant 

As mentioned, merino wool fibers absorb moisture from the air. Similarly, wool absorbs molecules and odors of the body sweat. And you can easily wash them off the blanket.

Merino Wool Is Naturally Elastic

The durability or product life of Merino wool blankets is high due to the elasticity of the fiber. The fiber grows with the body and gets back into shape when washed or sundried. You will always feel it like a new one even after using it for a few years. 

Merino Wool Is Fire Resistant

Once again, it is the natural ability of the Merino wool fiber that makes Merino blankets fire-resistant. This is one of the major reasons Merino blankets are found in hotels, airplanes, hospitals, etc. 

Merino Wool Is Good for Skin

Last but not least, blankets are very close to the skin most of the time you are wearing one. If the material is not good or chemical treated, you may develop skin-related issues. However, Merino wool blankets are safe for all types of skin and recommended by doctors if you are allergic to other artificial fabric types. 

The benefits of Merino wool blankets make it an obvious choice for your bedroom collection. However, buying an ideal Merino wool blanket requires a little attention to detail so that it is worth spending the bucks. You are not going to buy and then replace a perfect Merino wool blanket every year. So, be considerate, take your time and pay attention to the following guidelines before making a final choice.

Things to Consider When Buying a Merino Wool Blanket

Before heading to a set of Merino wool blankets that are on our recommendation list, here is a general list of criteria or points that you must keep in view when looking into various options available in the market. Keeping these important evaluation points in view, will further help you limiting your options and concluding to the best-suited options for you and the family. 

Type of wool 

There are two basic types of Merino wool used in the blankets. 

  • Virgin wool 
  • Recycled wool 

Virgin is the natural form of the Merino wool, used for the first time in the making of the blanket. Whereas, recycled wool may contain added synthetic fiber for getting the desired texture and shape of the fiber. The benefits of using virgin wool will vary as compared to recycled wool. 

Quality of wool 

The unit to measure the quality of Merino wool is the thickness of the wool, which is measured in microns. The lower the thickness, the higher is the quality of the wool.

The ideal range of microns is between 14 and 20. Anything above 26 microns is the lowest quality of Merino wool. This may sound a bit technical, but this information is mostly mentioned on the packaging of your Merino wool blanket, so just remember the ideal range and find that.

Weight of the blanket 

A quality Merino wool blanket does not mean a heavyweight blanket in the making. The weight does not represent the quality of a Merino wool. In fact, in the case of Merino, low thickness and less weight delivers the desired warmth. 

Felting of the wool 

Felting is the ability of wool threads to stick together and do not fall off from the blanket too soon. Stronger the felting, the higher the comfort and durability of the Merino wool blanket. 

10 Best Merino Wool Blanket

So far, we have established a base of how beneficial these Merino wool blankets are, how you can ensure to have the best out of hundred options is in your hands, and what are the important things you need to keep in view while shortlisting a few options for buying.

For some people, it will still be a hectic job if they have to look from a repository of a hundred products and narrow down to a few. 

Based on the previous purchases, market research, customer feedback, and our own investigation of how these Merino wool blankets are doing, actually, we are here to assist you with another key to buying the best Merino wool blanket. Here are 10 most selling variants of Merino wool blanket that you can start with instead of going through hundreds of products. 

1. Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket

Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket
Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket

The first entry on our list of recommendations is Biddy Murphy’s Irish Blanket, made from 100% Merino wool. This is a classic blanket design that has been part of history for many decades now. The size is perfect for a standard bed, and the warmth is genuine with the warm color tones. 


  • Ideal for people dealing with skin allergies as it is made from 100% Merino wool. 
  • The design and color combination would go with most of the bedroom themes. 
  • The material is breathable and, overall, very lightweight. 
  • It is tagged with both luxury and comfort. 


  • There are few faults. 

2. Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 2

Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 2
Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 2

Another variant from the same manufacturer is a blend of Merino wool (95%) and another quality wool type called Cashmere (5%) . This authentic Irish design comes in various colors and textures. Both Merino and Cashmere are durable; hence, the end product will also last for years in your bedroom. 


  • Enhanced durability because of the blend of two highly durable woolen types. 
  • Very lightweight as compared to other woolen blankets. 
  • Offers great warmth for coldest months of the year. 
  • Material is itch-free and resistant to skin-related issues. 


  • Very rare, but customers found this not very lightweight. 

3. Dara Aran Blanket

Dara Aran Blanket
Dara Aran Blanket

The unique Dara Aran throw is a family tradition kinda design of Merino wool blanket. You must buy it once, and it will run through generations, without the feeling of getting old. It is made from 100% Merino woolen, and the size is fit for a generously big size bed set. The unique design is equally good for a throw in the living room for the sofa as well as a good spread for the bed. 


  • It is very lightweight and portable; you can take it anywhere in the house or outside. 
  • It is skin-friendly, soft, and highly resistant to wear and tear. 
  • There is a variety of different colors; something will definitely go with your home décor. 
  • The Aran stitching is a representation of Irish culture. 


  • A couple of customers found it with a too strong smell, which could be a packing or storage issue. 

4. Knit Chunky Giant Throw

Knit Chunky Giant Throw
Knit Chunky Giant Throw

Another great example of both style and the warmth is this Knit chunky Giant Throw hand made Merino wool blanket. The design and making of this woolen blanket are unique.

It can serve several purposes, such as a unique gift for a loved one, a decorative piece for the living room, and a nice cozy blanket for the bedroom. This unique making of the Merino wool blanket is a winner in terms of style and class of the article. 


  • A great combination of style and warmth at one place
  • Festive looks as well as a good decorative piece in terms of style and knitting layout
  • There are options to choose from in terms of size
  • It helps to regulate the heartbeat and aids to better sleep


  • A buyer complained about the wrong size shipped. Other than that, buyers are happy about everything

5.  Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 3

Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 3
Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 3

Looking for an authentic Irish Merino wool blanket, you have it right here. The perfect throw blanket with a 95% Merino and 5% cashmere blend, this is a reliable product that has an original Irish footprint. It is probably one of the oldest articles being created in Ireland since 1983. 


  • This blanket has a luxurious throw based on the perfect blend of wool and cashmere. 
  • This is a perfect size for humans of any age, children, and youngsters, old people, anyone would be comfortable and warm in it. 
  • There is a variety of colors and design patterns available, so you have the liberty of choosing the best suitable one. 


  • It would not be a suitable option if you were looking for a lightweight and not very intense cold weather. 

6. Melange Home Waffle Weave Merino Wool Blanket

Melange Home Waffle Weave Merino Wool Blanket
Melange Home Waffle Weave Merino Wool Blanket

Melange Home Waffle Weave is known for the intelligent design that helps to capture much-needed heat and keep you warm for longer hours. It is available in multiple sizes and a few color variants as well. It has a generous drape for maximum coverage and yet very lightweight for the management perspective.


  • It is a 100% genuine breathable Merino wool-based blanket. 
  • It has an intelligent temperature sensor, adapts to the body temperature on its own. 
  • It can be used in all weather, as the intelligent design capture needed heat only. 
  • It is comfortable and resistant to skin allergies. 


  • Few customers complained about getting a product, which was not all Merino. 

7. SAOL Blanket

SAOL King Size blanket
SAOL King Size blanket

This super-soft, Aran knit king size bed sheet is made out of 100% Merino wool. Even after so many washes, you will feel that the throw or blanket is still as the new one. You can find a couple of color variants as well and chose the one that suits best with the home décor. The size of the blanket is good enough for a king-size bed as well as for a large sofa set if you are looking for a nice spread for the living room. 


  • It is 100% Merino wool, no mixing or blends of any other type of wool. 
  • It is available in both classic cable knit and diamond shape patterns inspired from the remote islands of Ireland. 
  • Available in multiple colors that also enhances the three-dimension design patterns of this Merino wool blanket. 


  • A couple of customers complained that the product they received was too heavy. 

8. ERLYEEN Chunky Knit Blanket Merino Wool

ERLYEEN Chunky Knit Blanket Merino Wool

Another chunky knit on our top ten list; it is a style statement than just being a warmer for winters. You must have it in your final possible purchase list if you are looking for a range of sizes and variant thickness for different purposes. You will find more than variants in size and numerous color options. 


  • The think texture, gauntness, warmth, and comfort at a very affordable price point. 
  • The texture looks like a sweater, and it is equally safe for any age group. 
  • It will help to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. 


  • A couple of customers complained about shedding. You may wash with cold water and low tumble dry to address this issue. 

9. Moon Wool Blanket

Moon Wool Blanket
Moon Wool Blanket

This one belongs to British knitters and has very rich colors, patterns, and texture of a 100% Merino wool-based blanket. The fabric holds the natural characteristics of Merino wool, i.e., it is breathable, absorbs moisture, releases it back to air, and acts as a natural insulator for the body. 


  • There are multiple color variants available. 
  • The warmth and insulation ability is very comforting. 
  • It can work for you in all seasons and not just winters. 


  • A couple of customers complained that the quality is not the same as the article purchased in England. 

10. Woolly Mammoth Merino Wool Camp Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Merino Wool Camp Blanket
Woolly Mammoth Merino Wool Camp Blanket

Closing the list of our recommendations with this extra-large Woolly Mammoth’s camp blanket. This 100% virgin Merino wool-based blanket is a life savor both indoors and outdoors. You can carry it anywhere when traveling, inside your bag pack and it will make your life comfortable even when not in the bedroom. 


  • The large-sizes gives maximum coverage and warmth. 
  • It is a durable, flexible, and temperature-regulating blanket. 
  • It comes in multiple color variants. 


  • A couple of customers said they didn’t find any difference of quality in an expensive and a cheaper version, make sure to read customer reviews for a better decision. 

Below is a summary table of all our picks.

PreviewModel Why We ChoosePrice
Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket previewBiddy Murphy Irish BlanketBest LuxuryCheck Price
Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 2 previewBiddy Murphy Irish Blanket 2Editor’s PickCheck Price
Dara Aran Blanket previewDara Aran BlanketBest LightweightCheck Price
Knit Chunky Giant Throw previewKnit Chunky Giant ThrowBest for WomenCheck Price
Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket 3 previewBiddy Murphy Irish Blanket 3Best for All AgesCheck Price
Melange Home Waffle Weave Merino Wool Blanket previewMelange Home Waffle Weave Merino Wool BlanketBest for All WeatherCheck Price
SAOL King Size previewSAOL BlanketBest ValueCheck Price
ERLYEEN Chunky Knit Blanket Merino Wool previewERLYEEN Chunky Knit Blanket Merino WoolBest of Chunky Knit StyleCheck Price
Moon Wool Blanket previewMoon Wool BlanketBest for All SeasonsCheck Price
Woolly Mammoth Merino Wool Camp Blanket previewWoolly Mammoth Merino Wool Camp BlanketBest for CampingCheck Price

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Merino wool blankets warm?

Yes, actually a big yes. Merino wool blankets are very warm and stylish at the same time. It is a top-class choice at both personal usage and corporate usage level such as airlines, hotels, hospitals, etc. not only they keep you warm, and they come with additional benefits such as fire resistance, biodegradable, etc. 

2. Can you wash a Merino wool blanket? 

You can use a good shake daily to dust off any unwanted particles from the Merino wool blankets. After a regular interval, to keep is odor-free, wash it gently with hands. Never throw a Merino blanket in your washing machine; it will cause you to lose the softness and cloudy texture/look of the blanket.

Wash with cold water, squeeze between two towels to absorb extra water, and let it air dry under shade. 

3. Can you dry the Merino blanket in direct sunlight?

You may, but not for a very long time. Just hand it in sunlight for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes and then move under shade for the rest of the time it needs to dry out. There is no need to put it in sunlight until completely dried. In a longer run, extra heat will make it lose the firmness, so be careful with the direct sunlight exposure period. 

4. Are Merino wool blankets expensive?

Yes, it may look expensive as compared to other synthetic fiber-based blankets, but the value over money is undeniable. The long list of both skin-related or non-skin related benefits makes it completely worth the investment. 

5. Does the new Merino wool blanket shed initially?

Yes, it is normal for the new blankets to shed or pile in the beginning weeks. You can fix that by spraying cold water and then putting it in a tumble dryer on the lowest setting. Just let it stay in there for three minutes (maximum five minutes not more than that!), and you can get rid of the shedding. 

6. Can I brush my Merino wool blanket?

Yes, in order to refresh the look and make it look neater, you may use a soft bristle brush to settle the used look of a Merino wool blanket. You can lay the blanket on a flat surface and use light strokes of a soft bristle fabric brush, in the direction of the fiber grain of the blanket. Do it gently, do not overdo the brushing, or you will cause the damage to wool fiber. 

7. How Do I protect Merino wool blankets from a moth?

When Merino wool blankets are not used for a long time, of the winter season, or occasionally usage for special guests, you will keep them in the storage. However, dark storage areas with little or no human interactions are an ideal place for moths to lay eggs.

In case the moth finds a Merino wool blanket in that storage, it is an ideal food for the baby moths to grow. The best remedy is to use airtight storage bags or containers so that the moth cannot enter in that, and Merino wool blankets are kept safe until next season or usage. 

8. Can Merino wool blankets cause itching? 

No, in fact, you will experience less itching or skin-related issues when using a Merino wool blanket. The fabric is in its purest form, with natural protein and without any added chemicals that can cause a rash or other skin allergies. Therefore, Merino wool blankets are super safe for any skin type. 

9. Can we repair damaged Merino wool blankets? 

Most likely, no, the making and weaving is very delicate as well as customized for each design. It will be difficult to repair or redo holes caused by moths. First, you might not find someone that expert to redo in the same technique; secondly, you will hardly find a similar quality of wool and same color in the market. So ideally, you should be taking care of it very attentively. 

10. Is there a recycled version of the Merino wool blanket?

Yes, instead of disposing of some of the manufacturers may consider recycling the wool and then reproducing the wool blanket out of it. Such type of wool blankets may not be a 100% Merino wool-based blanket and may have a mixture of other synthetic fiber. 


Merino wool blankets are a symbol of class and luxury both. With the right selection criteria and following the simple tricks explained in this article, you would have a durable product for many years to come. All you have to do is to study and get to know the difference between Merino and other types of wool blankets. A little time spent before the purchase will help you get the best Merino wool blanket home. 

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