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Floor Mattress: The Definitive Buying Guide of 2020

Floor mattresses are usually used for temporary sleeping. If you often invite friends home, or if you like camping, a floor mattress can help you and your guests sleep efficiently and comfortably. Now, the floor mattress has become a basic item for many families.

However, choosing the best floor mattress is always challenging because of the different environment and purpose. Here, we will try to tell you all about the floor mattress. We will also give you the final information to get the best one. That way, your money has value.

What Is a Floor Mattress?

As the name suggests, the floor mattress refers to the mattress that can be put on the floor directly. Yes, you simply place them on the floor and use them without any form of bed base. 

Floor mattresses are usually light, portable, and compact. You can quickly move them around without stress or hassle and store them easily when they are not in use. Floor mattresses are particularly useful when you want to accommodate guests or go on a camping trip. Generally, they allow you to enjoy a bearable and comfortable experience while sleeping on the ground.

Why Should You Invest in a Floor Mattress?

You might be wondering why we should invest in a floor mattress. Well, it is simple. It comes with great benefits. They include:

1. It Saves Space

If your apartment is not so big on space, then you have a great reason to get a floor mattress. Generally, they are portable without the attendant space taking feature of a standard bed. As such, the floor mattress allows you to optimize the space in your apartment.

You can always fold them up or roll them. This way, you have your space back when you are up.

2. It Saves Money

Another great reason why you should buy a floor mattress is that it comes at an affordable rate. Typically, most floor mattresses cost less than $180, sometimes as little as $60. And compared to standard mattresses, it is a sound buy. 

So, you should go for that floor mattress because it allows you to keep within budget and still get comfy. 

3. It Easily Accommodates Guests

If you are someone who continually receives guests and accommodates them overnight, you have a reason to go with a floor mattress. It allows you to provide a convenient sleeping place for your guests. And this is even more useful in cases when you don’t have a guest compartment.

You can easily place it anywhere in the room and satisfy your guest’s needs.

4. Temperature Regulation

In case you quickly get hot during sleep, you have a great reason to invest and make this purchase. Floor mattresses bring you closer to the floor. And this means you can feel refreshed and calm, thanks to the earth’s cooling function.

This way, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience that would otherwise be unavailable on standard beds.

5. Nature Adaptable

If you are someone who is a fan of nature or love to go traveling or camping, you have another reason to buy a floor mattress. It is portable and easy to transfer. Hence, it can accompany you along in your every travel without resulting in any form of hassle to you.

Even more, there is a rollable option, which means you can easily take train trips. Still, do not forget to find a good place to use it outdoors. You might need to purchase a floor mattress that waterproofs its bottom.

Types of Floor Mattresses

If you are looking for a floor mattress, there are generally two categories you can opt for. And they are the foldable and rollable floor mattress. Also, the significant differences between them come in the way you store them.

1. Foldable Floor Mattress

Just like its name suggests, you can easily fold this mattress. Thanks to its crease design, it allows you to fold them up for storage.

This mattress-type is usually bi-fold or tri-fold. In the case of the former, it has a crease and then a surface that is foldable in half. In the case of the latter, there are two creases and then a cover that is foldable into thirds.

2. Rollable Floor Mattress

Just like its name suggests, you roll this mattress-type for storage. And this is thanks to its thin structure. Usually, when you do, it takes the shape of a cylinder. 

They also come with inbuilt tie straps that you can use to secure the bundle after rolling. You can also find some that can easily fit into your portable overnight bag.

Differences Between a Foldable Floor Mattress and a Rollable Floor Mattress

Beyond their means of storage, you will also find other differences between a rollable and a foldable mattress. Here is a summary of the relevant distinctions.

Padding Materials

Generally, getting a foldable floor mattress means you get access to multiple layers of foam. In most cases, it also includes a conforming memory layer of foam.

On the other hand, a rollable mattress only has a layer of form. It is then stuffed up by synthetic fiber and cotton to make up for the remaining space.

Cover Materials

Generally, foldable mattresses come with removable covers that are made of polyester, cotton, and some other synthetic/natural fabric. However, you most likely can not remove a rollable mattress’s fabric cover.

Average Thickness

Usually, foldable mattresses measure between 3 and 8 inches concerning their thickness. On the other hand, the rollable mattress is thinner and, as such, generally between 2 and 4 inches thick.

Average Weight

As you already know, the foldable-type mattress is padded and thicker. As such, it weighs more than the rollable-type bed. Hence, while the foldable is around 18 to 30 lbs., the rollable is about 12 to 20 lbs.


Naturally, since you can remove its cover, foldable-type mattresses are easier to clean. You can always wash or dry them in your washing machine. Although, you can only clean spots on the foam layer. 

On the other hand, since rollable-type mattresses’ covers can not be removed in most cases, you can only clean them for spots. 

Travel Compatibility

Thanks to its size and weight, you might have trouble fitting foldable mattresses into travel bags or suitcases. Hence, it is not the most suitable for light travels. However, it is not a bad idea for car camping and road trips. 

On the other hand, rollable-type mattresses have travel cases while some even come with integrated bags. As such, they are more suitable for light travels.

And you should know, you will have to keep most of these things in mind when picking a floor mattress. Don’t worry, we will get to the paramount considerations later on.

How Does a Floor Mattress Feel?

In case this is your first attempt to get a floor mattress, it is okay to have some questions. You might be wondering if they feel different from your regular bed. Or perhaps will they be comfortable?

The truth is that floor mattresses feel different from mattress toppers, mattress pads, and standard beds. For instance, while you can use a floor mattress as your standalone bed, toppers and pillows won’t work that way. 

However, floor mattresses generally feel great. And because they are quite thinner than the standard bed, you will most likely find it firmer. They also feel soft and comfortable, although it is not wrong to get an additional thinner topper.

Also, if you decide to go for a foldable-type mattress, you might experience some uneven surface due to its creases. However, you can quickly get around this issue with a thick pillow or blanket. This way, you minimize the possibility of discomfort. For a rollable-type mattress, you hardly have to worry about this issue. 

If you are someone with a history of chronic pain in your body, thicker tri-fold or bi-fold mattresses might do the trick for you. They usually come with a polyfoam base that provides some padding to alleviate your pain. This way, you can still enjoy the comfortable feel that floor mattresses bring.

8 Best Floor Mattress In 2020

1. Milliard Memory Foam Tri-Fold Floor Mattress

Milliard Memory Foam Tri-Fold Floor Mattress
Milliard Memory Foam Tri-Fold Floor Mattress

Manufactured by Milliard, it is a multiple-sized tri-fold bed that provides the best experience, regardless of your location. This exceptional mattress also comes with comfortable support and therapeutic qualities that make it stand out. 

It has excellent functionality that ensures regardless of the use, you get value. For instance, it is ventilated so that you can say goodbye to heat during sleep. It is perfect for all your temporary sleeping needs, whether expected or unexpected. It then comes with an ultra-soft removable cover. You can also count on the anti-slip component in its overall design.


It has a comfortable foam that is available in three sizes – Twin, Queen, and Full. And they are constructed using luxurious memory foams. It also has a supportive base that provides the exceptional cozy experience it is known for. 

Portability and Versatility

Every time you use it, all you have to do is expand it anywhere. You can use it in your house, mobile home, tent, or campground and still get a comfortable experience. It accommodates all sleeping needs and then practically disappears freeing up space.

Safety and Durability

It also comes with a washable cover that allows you to rid yourself of dirt and dust regularly. This way, you can maintain the best health and stay safe. It also keeps its shape thanks to its high-density design.


  • It can work as a sofa without hassle
  • It is effortless to unfold and fold
  • It is mainly comfortable to use and sleep on
  • It has a cover that you can remove easily 
  • It comes with a beautiful design


  • It is a little firm and can be an issue if you love soft mattresses
  • It is quite low and close to the floor when you use it as a couch

2. Zinus Tri-Fold Comfort Mat

Zinus Tri-Fold Comfort Mat
Zinus Tri-Fold Comfort Mat

This option is another mind-blowing option that allows you to have a great experience with floor mattresses. You also enjoy a fresh surface because of its moisture absorption system. This way, you can feel cozy and enjoy peace of mind when you sleep. It comes off the best materials which provide comfort and durability in one package.


This floor mattress comes with an inch of memory foam as its base. And it is attached to two inches of a latex responsive foam that rest on another one-inch layered memory foam. It is then arranged in three layers that provide top-notch comfort to users. It also makes use of BioFoam, which lets you enjoy additional support.

Portability and Versatility

You can use this mattress in a variety of situations. Also, its design supports floor surfaces, you can always add it to your bed. It is also pretty light, which means you can take it along. It can be easily folded into three parts that enable great storage.

Safety and Durability

Your safety is most important in the design of this floor mattress. And it provides all materials with natural ingredients to ensure that you do not get exposed to mites, mold, and bacteria.


  • It is exceptionally comfortable so you can sleep with no doubt
  • You can quickly unfold it, and this is the same with its folding
  • It is very durable, certified at that
  • It provides exceptional body support


  • It does not come with any protective cover
  • You might find the fabric to be a little snug

3. Lucid Folding Mattress and Sofa

Lucid Folding Mattress and Sofa
Lucid Folding Mattress and Sofa

Comfortable, exquisite, and sofa bed is the definitive term that captures this option. It is made of high-quality materials and provides the best experience. It has a memory foam covering the whole body of the mattress and offers a formidable structure for it. 

It is also portable, meaning you enjoy great space when you choose it. It is also tri-fold and lightweight. As such, you can easily transport it from one place to another. It also has excellent antibacterial properties that provide additional health safety to you.

Portability and Versatility

It is relevant for various uses as you can use it as a sofa bed. Even more, it is compact, meaning you can store it effectively when you do not need it. Also, you can use it as a blow-up mattress or a topper. 

Safety and Durability

Regardless of its various function, it remains sturdy and stable so that you can enjoy it for a long time. It also has a removable cover that you can wash easily and quickly. Also, this floor mattress is environmentally friendly and does not attract dust mites, mold, and other allergens that are dangerous to your health.


  • It is portable and fits into small spaces while supporting secure storage 
  • It has hypoallergenic properties that make it suitable for kids 
  • Easy maintenance thanks to its removable cover
  • Semi waterproof


  • Requires airing before use, as much as 24 hours
  • Emits a little chemical odor at first use, but it is safe to your body. If you mind that, you can air it out first.

4. D&D Futon Rolling Mattress

D&D Futon Rolling Mattress
D&D Futon Rolling Mattress

Classy and compact are the strong features of this option. Made in Japan, it offers an exceptional and pleasant experience if you decide to go with it. Even more, it has a great structure that provides full value for your money.


This option comes in three layers that provide perfect support to your body. It has a polyester layer in addition to its foam layer that ensures the pains of the floor aren’t your problem. It is very soft and you can enjoy comfort each time you get on it. 

Portability and Versatility

You never have to worry about space with this option. And that thanks to its portability. It allows secure storage in cases when you have no use for it. Even more, you can use it for various purposes. So, on days when you are in the mood for yoga, you can always roll it out. It also works well with a massage.

Safety and Durability

This option offers not just durability from damage; it also provides durability for its appearance. It comes in a black cover, meaning it gets to hide spot and general stains better.


  • It can work as a sofa without hassle
  • It is straightforward to unfold and fold
  • It is most comfortable to use and sleep on
  • It has a cover that you can remove easily 
  • It comes with a beautiful design


  • It is a little firm and can be an issue if you love soft mattresses
  • It is low and close to the floor when you use it as a couch
  • It does not have the best moisture absorption system.

5. Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor Mattress

Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor Mattress
Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor Mattress

This is another stunning creation that affords your home or camp excellent product. It is beautiful, flawless, and elegant. Manufactured by Better Habitat, it is a mixture of silver finish and regal black.

There is considerable attention to its structure and design that makes it desirable for all homes. The great thing is that you can apply it to a wide range of purposes beyond using it on the floor. For instance, y0u can use it as a topper to your bed frame. You can also use it outside your home and still enjoy a comfortable experience.


This product comes with high-quality memory foam. So, once you get on it, you are sure to get comforted. This superior foam is 2.75 inches of total comfort. And it is perfect for both afternoon naps and night sleep.

Portability and Versatility

There is hardly anything better than purchasing a mattress with a significant physical appeal. And this floor mattress satisfies this need. Although pretty sophisticated, it is incredibly convenient to handle. It also comes with a clip lock that allows easy transport of the bed.

Safety and Durability

Not only do you enjoy comfort, but you can also count on it for an extended period. And this is thanks to the long-lasting capacity of this option. It is hypoallergic in its making. As such, it provides safety from allergens, mold, mildew, dust, bacteria, and other particles that pose a danger to your health.


  • It is waterproof 
  • It is extremely durable 
  • It comes with a travel bag
  • It is easy to roll 


  • It does not have the best moisture absorption system.

6. Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Mattress

Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Mattress
Leewadee Roll-Up Thai Mattress

This roll-up mattress is another excellent option, thanks to its exquisite traditional design. It is a blend of both a classic look and modern comforting alternatives, all derived from natural material. As such, you get to enjoy bliss when you choose this option.

This product is made entirely by hand. It comes with an outer cover that is made of natural materials. As such, it brings extra comfort to the mattress. It is a premium option, high-quality, and comfortable pick.


This foam consists of kapok, which Lewadee derives from the Kapok tree. And they are natural cotton that gets stuffed up to make this floor mattress. Thanks to the kapok’s natural features, this foam is quite breathable and possesses higher resistance to moisture and, in turn, mildew and mold.

Portability and Versatility

Regardless of its material component, this floor mattress is apt for multiple scenarios. It perfectly fits when you need to lie down, nap, get a massage, or engage in yoga. You can always roll it up in minutes after each use. And its storage does not take so much space.

Safety and Durability

This option ensures you can use it in various instances and still avoid damage to it. It comes double-stitched, a function which significantly improves its longevity. It is also created through kapok, a material renowned for its stability and strength, even after prolonged usage.


  • It is entirely handmade
  • You can use it for a variety of purposes
  • It provides a comfortable, yet reliable, padding that provides longevity


  • Sometimes, the threads in the design get detached.

7. Best Choice Products 3″ Tri Folding Mattress

Best Choice Products 3-inch Tri-Folding Mattress
Best Choice Products 3-inch Tri-Folding Mattress

This is another gorgeous creation for floor mattress. It is the definition of quality and has a remarkable structure and design. It comes with a dotted design that gives it a unique feel compared to other floor mattresses.

It also has a handy handle on its top that allows for secure handling. This way, you can transport it from one place to another without worry. It also comes in various sizes, such as the Twin, Queen, and Full Sizes. And this allows it to accommodate more than one person.


This floor mattress merges softness, durability, and comfort for you. It comes with gel-infused memory foam. Apart from that, it then has a firm high-density foam. It is usually three inches thick, and you can fold it into three layers.

Portability and Versatility

This option offers a mattress capable of various functions and compatible with different preferences and lifestyles. You can always resort to it either at night, in the afternoon, or as a cushion of other activities. It is light and thin, making its transportation extremely straightforward. It also has a trusted and effective handle for this.

Safety and Durability

Convenience, top performance, and durability are the forte of this floor mattress. Its material and foam are sure to last. And it proves this with its CertiPUR-US approval. It conforms with every standard of safety such that your time with it is hazard-free. 


  • It has an incredibly soft foam that is cozy and comfy
  • It has a removable cover that you can remove quickly
  • It has the potential to last long
  • It is extremely portable 
  • You can set it up quickly without any hassle


  • It is a little thin compared to other options
  • It might give off a chemical smell at first use

8. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress
EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

This is another excellent blend of elegance and sophistication. Produced by Emoor, it comes with the feeling of authenticity you can hardly find elsewhere. It is exceptionally airy and lightweight making it preferable for light travels. It is 3 inches of comfort that rid you of the troubles of sleeping on the floor. 


It is incredibly comfortable, especially for those who love soft beds. Thanks to its outer fabric, which is a hygroscopic fabric, it absorbs exterior humidity. And this makes the surface soothing and soft. It also automatically maintains a balance within itself. This way, it doesn’t accumulate too much moisture. 

Portability and Versatility

You do not just enjoy it as a floor mattress; you can enjoy it for many other things. It is compatible with outdoor ventures such as camping and hiking. It is also compatible with children. And because its width isn’t so much, it also works as a topper for the typical bed.

Safety and Durability

Not only does it come with the assurance of security, but it also provides protection. It is stuffed with materials that resist bacteria and prevent the accumulation of allergen on your mattress.


  • It comes with a material that is deodorized and antibacterial
  • Applicable to diverse uses 
  • It is portable and supports quick storage
  • It is resistant to dust and mites


  • It is a little firm and might not be preferred if you prefer soft beds
  • There are complaints that the mattress does not inflate fully

Here are our picks for best floor mattresses:

Manufacturer Model Why We Choose Price
milliardMilliard Memory Foam Tri-Fold Floor MattressEditor’s pickCheck Cost
zinusZinus Tri-Fold Comfort MatBest SoftCheck Cost
lucidLucid Folding Mattress and SofaBest Soft and Multiple UsageCheck Cost
D&DD&D Futon Rolling MattressBest for Carry OutCheck Cost
BETTER HABITATBetter Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Floor MattressBest for CampingCheck Cost
leewadeeLeewadee Roll-Up Thai MattressBest for SportsCheck Cost
Best Choice ProductsBest Choice Products 3″ Tri Folding MattressBest ValueCheck Cost
emoorEMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon MattressBest TraditionalCheck Cost

How to Pick the Best Floor Mattress?

As already stated, it can be quite challenging to pick a floor mattress. And this is because of the various considerations that you have to put in mind when making a choice. Well, that’s why we’re here. Here are the significant factors to consider before buying that floor mattress.


Generally, the floor mattress varies in size. And as such, it differs in use and application. For instance, there is an extra small size, which can only accommodate one person. And then, there is the queen-sized mattress which accommodates two persons.

So, you will need to check the dimension of your pick before making a purchase. This way, you do not purchase a mattress that does not satisfy your needs. For a more unobstructed view of each dimension’s capability, here you go.

Mattress Dimensions and Accommodates Sleepers

SizeDimensions (Width X Length)Number of Sleepers
Extra Small (XS)25”x 75”1
Small or Single30’’-33” x 75’’-80”1
Twin38’’-39” x 75”1
Twin Extra Long (XL)38’’-39” x 80”1
Full53’’-54” x 75”1-2
Queen60” x 80”2
King76” x 80”2
California King72” x 84”2


Another essential consideration when picking a floor mattress is the firmness of the bed. Generally, its hardness ranges from 1 to 10. And the firmer the mattress, the less soft it is—also, most mattresses fall between 5 and 8 on the scale.

So, if you are more comfortable with a softer mattress, you might want to go for those with a lower number. However, if you prefer firmer mattresses, the higher options are your best bet.


This is another crucial thing to consider when making a purchase. And this is even more important if you are someone that experiences frequent back pains and aches. You will want to go for a thick foldable floor mattress. You will also want to ensure they have high-density memory foam.

Generally, pick a floor mattress that is between 4 and 5 feet high. However, if you do not have prior pain issues, you can go for a mattress between 2 and 3 inches thick.


You need to ensure that your choice is also durable; that is, it would last long. Generally, if you are looking for something that would last as long for five years before replacement, then it is not a bad idea. All you usually need to do is engage in proper storage.


As with every purchase, you will need to consider your budget before making a purchase. Generally, floor mattresses cost between $60 and $180. And although they are much cheaper than a standard bed, it is still a cost.

So, check out how much you can spend to purchase a floor mattress. Then, check out a floor mattress that fits into your spec and budget.

Floor Mattress Pros and Cons

Beyond the specific benefits that come with particular floor mattresses, there are certain advantages that you stand to enjoy with floor mattresses. And this is the same as its drawbacks. They generally are


  • They are cheaper than standard mattresses
  • They allow for secure storage and transportation
  • It is perfect for hot sleepers or during a warm period. And this is because sleeping close to the floor provides some cooling option
  • They are relatively sturdy and durable and can last as long as five years
  • They allow for easy cleaning


  • They are generally firmer and thinner than regular mattresses which might not be suitable for side sleepers or lighter people when comfortability is prioritized
  • It is not so responsive for sex, and this might be a problem for couples
  • It is technically sleeping close to the floor which might expose you to bacteria, bugs, dust mites, and mold growth
  • They do not come with a warranty, and you can hardly try them out before the purchase

Disadvantages of Sleeping on or Near the Floor

There are various reasons why it is desirable to sleep on or close to the floor. For instance, you might find it relieving during summer due to the cool it brings. However, there are some downsides or health risks associated with doing this. And these drawbacks include:

Back Pains

A major complaint from users of floor mattresses is that they experience back pains. And this is because of the firmness of the mattress. So, if you are someone already experiencing chronic back pains, floor mattress might be a bad idea for you.

Mold and Bacteria

Unlike standard mattresses, a floor mattress does away with a foundation and bed base in its design. And this exposes you to mold and bacteria. 

This is because the bed base provides an airway channel between mattresses and the ground. In turn, this buffer puts a distance between gems on your floor surfaces and your bed. And when you use a floor mattress, your bed becomes closer to these bacteria that result in mold growth.

Dust Mites

Generally, mattresses accumulate dust, notoriously at that. And this is the case when used with bed bases. Unfortunately, by using a floor mattress, your bed comes in contact with an increased amount of dust. And this, in turn, exposes your mattress and you to dust mites.

These mites can, in turn, cause a whole range of health issues for you, including triggering allergies. And this is especially dangerous for those with underlying medical conditions like asthma.


Sleeping on the floor means you are more accessible to a variety of animals, especially crawlers. And these animals include fleas, spiders, cockroaches, and other arachnids and insects. In some areas, you might be exposed to larger animals like mice, snakes, and rats. 

However, this should not stop you from getting a floor mattress as you can quickly reduce these risks. All you need to do is clean your mattress regularly to prevent dust and bacteria from accumulating on your floor mattress. 

Also, clean the area surrounding your floor mattress to reduce the risk of other pests and insects. Then, engage in proper storage of your mattress. And this involves finding a dry and cool place where there is no exposure to considerable humidity or heat.


Making the right purchase when it concerns the floor mattress can be quite tricky and stressful. And most people would instead purchase without full consideration of their prevailing situation. Well, you should not be in this category anymore.

We have introduced all the paramount considerations. We have also told you all you need to know to make an expert purchase. We then gave you a hint to some great alternatives. 

Now that you know better, get right to it, and make that significant purchase.

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