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Best Mattress for Sex (2020 updated)

Young couples often ask us, what is the best mattress for sex? It is an interesting question. So today, we are going to discuss the criteria for checking whether a mattress is suitable for sex. We will review mattresses according to these criteria, and then you will find the most suitable option for sex. If you happen to be looking for such a mattress, our guide is a good reference.

Best Mattress for Sex

As we know, some mattresses are just more suitable for sex than others. Those mattresses have something in common.

First, they are usually most responsive. It means that their surfaces are bouncy and responsive to moving quickly. Slow-responding mattresses can cause problems in sexual life, because they let people sink too deep, creating a feeling that some couples complain “struggling with the mattress”.

Second, they are noise-free. Too loud mattresses may lead to embarrassing situations, especially for people in the next room.

Third, they have good edge support. When you change position and posture, the mattress edges shall always give sufficient support for your action.

Last, they have good traction on the surface, and they are also temperature neutrality. It helps take away excessive hot and improve your sex experience in the climax.

Based on a large amount of customer feedback and actual simulating tests, we pick 7 best mattresses that are most suitable for sex.

ManufacturerModelWhy We ChoosePrice
 leesa hybrid mattress smallLeesa Hybrid MattressEditor’s PickCheck Price
 brooklyn bedding signature hybrid smallBrooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid MattressBest ValueCheck Price
 casper wave memory foam smallCasper Wave Memory Form MattressBest Memory Foam Mattress for Sex Check Price
 Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt mattress smallTempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt MattressBest Luxury Mattress for SexCheck Price
 sealy mattress smallSealy MattressBest Innerspring Mattress for SexCheck Price
 dreamcloud hybrid mattress smallDreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Best Hybrid Mattress for Sex Check Price
 brooklyn bedding bloom hybrid mattress smallBrooklyn BeddingBloom Hybrid Mattress Best Latex Mattress for SexCheck Price

Top 7 mattresses for sex

Editor’s Pick

Leesa hybrid mattress
Leesa hybrid mattress

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Hybrid is nearly the perfect mattress for sex. It meets most of the criteria that an ideal mattress should have in sexual life.

First, Leesa Hybrid responds to your body quickly when compressed. It provides a springy surface, allowing you to have better sexual rhythm and sensation. 

Second, though it is “Medium Firm”, Leesa Hybrid has a plush surface. It conforms to your body closely and gives you a very comfortable feeling, no matter during the sexual life or everyday sleeping. 

Third, the pocketed coils support core provides the right amount of support for you and your partner. And the mattress edges are fully reinforced by high-density foam, which allows you to change position freely during sexual life. 

Also, Leeda Hybrid is temperature neutrality. So you will not feel excessive hot in the passionate moment.

Though the mattress surface is springy and comfortable, it has enough traction for you. Good traction highly improves your sex experience in the climax.

The above advantages benefit from the scientific design and special material of Leesa Hybrid. The mattress is made up of 3 layers. The top comfort layer is 1.5 inches AVENA foam with perfect hug and bounce. It conforms to you closely, but sleeps cool. Beneath is the 1.5 inches memory foam recovery layer that relieves pressure and contours to your body. The support center consists of 6-inch individually-wrapped pocket springs with enhanced edge support. Also, it has a strong air circulation through the pocketed springs, which helps take away the excessive hot and cools off the surface of the mattress.

Moreover, the Leesa Hybrid is a little cheaper than most memory foam hybrids in the market. And the Leesa service is good enough. The mattress is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, besides free shipping.

So it is an ideal mattress for sex.

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers)
  • People in all weight group (light, average and heavy weight)
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • People with back pain or hip pain
  • Couples that prefer a highly responsive surface
  • Couples who have sex in high frequency

Best Value

Brooklyn Bedding signature hybrid mattress
Brooklyn Bedding signature hybrid mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress

This Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is a special mattress. Though it is “medium” firm, it lets you feel like sleeping on a latex surface.

This Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is made up of 4 layers. The comfort layer features a 2-inch top layer of patented TitanFlex foam, combining all the contouring properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex. There is a 2-inch layer of firmer transitional foam for deeper compression support. The comfort layer fully conforms to you but do not let you sink deep, which gives you a nice sex experience.

The mattress support center consists of up to 952 individually encased coils that enable the mattress better reactivity and motion isolation, minimizing the sleep disturbance. This support layer offers you enough support during the sexual lift.

The bottom is a layer of 1-inch high-density form that reinforces the support system and lengthens the durability of the mattress.

Generally, hybrids always have some kind of noise during sex. But this Brooklyn Signature perfectly solves that problem. It provides a transition layer between the comfort system and the support core, which acts as a buffer and highly decreases the noise to a significant extent. So you need not worry about the embarrassing noise when “fighting” with your partner on the mattress.

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers)
  • People in all weight group (light, average and heavy weight)
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • People with back pain
  • People who seek the best value
  • Couples that prefer a highly responsive and bouncy surface

Best Memory Form Mattress for Sex

Casper wave memory foam mattress
Casper wave memory foam mattress

Casper Wave Memory Form Mattress

As we know, memory foam mattresses are not very suitable for sex, because of the slow responsiveness, poor bounce, less edge support and excessive hot during sexual life. While the Casper Wave mattress is a notable exception. It addresses all of those disadvantages well.

In terms of firmness, the Casper Wave memory foam mattress is “Medium”, but it is softer than your expectation.

The mattress consists of 5 layers of premium foam. The comfort system is constructed by 3 layers of high-quality memory foam. The inviting top layer is designed for supreme comfort. Beneath is the breathable layer, and it has a unique perforated design to maximize air flow. The bottom is the pressure-relieving layer that absorbs the body weight and transfers pressure away from the key areas. 

The mattress support center is a layer of memory foam with targeted gel pods, which actively supports the body for full spinal alignment. Also, Casper Wave adds a high-density memory form layer at the bottom to reinforce the whole mattress.

As a memory foam mattress, the Casper Wave provides supreme comfort for you with the excellent adaption and pressure relief. And it responds to your body pressure more quickly than other memory foam mattresses. Also, the reinforced mattress edge allows you to change position with no limit. So you can enjoy sexual life freely. 

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers), especially for side sleepers
  • People in light and average weight groups
  • People who sleep lightly and wake up easily
  • Couples that prefer a closely conforming surface

Best Luxury Mattress for Sex

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most famous brands in the market. It is known for the luxury high-quality material and intensive study in the mattress industry. Tempur-Adapt is the classic series and is popular in young couples for the outstanding characters in sleeping and sexual life.

In terms of firmness, Tempur-Adapt Hybrid mattress has a medium feel that is a little softer than average hybrid mattress. The mattress comfort layer is made with the pressure-relieving material that is originally developed by NASA for space travel. Tempur-Adapt perfects this material and uses it in sleep. It has an outstanding performance in responsiveness. Generally, it responds to your body’s shape, weight, and temperature with up to 2x more pressure-relieving power than any other brand. So you get more above-average comfortable feeling compared to other hybrid mattresses. 

The Tempur-Adapt support core includes over 1000 premium spring coils that are designed to work with Tempur material and deliver ultimate support. Also, they are encased by the high-density foam which helps reinforce the whole mattress.

Though Tempur-Adapt Hybrid is a little expensive than other hybrid mattresses, it is definitely worth the price for the high-quality high-technology material.

The Tempur-Adapt has a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. You can sleep it in no risk.

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers), especially for side sleepers
  • People in all weight groups (light, average and heavy weight)
  • Couples that prefer a highly responsive and bouncy surface
  • Couples that prefer a supremely comfortable environment
  • Couples that have sex in high frequency
  • People with back pain or hip pain
  • People who love the feeling of luxury

Best Innerspring Mattress for Sex

Sealy mattress
Sealy mattress

Sealy Mattress

Sealy is one of the oldest brands in the mattress industry. It has a history of more than one hundred years. The Innerspring mattress is the traditional product of Sealy. With a hundred years of technology accumulation, Sealy Innerspring mattresses offer you an exceptional level of comfort and support.

The comfort system of Sealy Innerspring mattress is made up of multiple layers of high-quality memory form combined with gel. It integrates the latest Sealy technology to provide the moisture protect and allergen protect. Besides, Sealy Innerspring has a zoned support design that reinforces the mattress center to support the heaviest part of your body. 

The mattress support core is an advanced precisely-engineered coil system that promotes proper alignment and delivers a “sleep-on-top” feeling for you. Also, Sealy develops a Posturepedic Technology with the help of orthopedic specialists. It provides you stable and all-over support for what you want, and lets you feel like sleeping on the cloud. Another high technology is the DuraFlex edge system, which offers you the right edge support by the flexible coil border. 

Sealy Innerspring has the excellent responsive ability. During the sexual life, it responds to your every movement quickly and gently, which ensures you enjoy the sex without any disturbance. The noise is also controlled to a very low extent, so there is no worry when you do your best in sex.

Generally, the Sealy has a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. You can check the special customer service and warranty here.

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers)
  • People in all weight groups (light, average and heavy weight)
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Couples that prefer a highly responsive and excellent bouncy surface
  • Couples that have sex in the average frequency

Best Hybrid Mattress for Sex

Dreamcloud hybrid mattress
Dreamcloud hybrid mattress

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud is the fastest growing brand in the U.S in recent years. It is part of the Resident House of Brands. 

DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress designed for every kind of sleeper. Based on a large amount of feedback from customers, we pick it as the best hybrid mattress.

DreamCloud Hybrid is constructed with 6 layers. The top layer is standard, quilted, and gel-infused memory foams that offer adaption to your body and provides you a comfortable feeling. Next is the organic nature latex layer that gives extra bounce for you. The memory foam layer and latex layer constitute the mattress comfort system. They provide moderate body conforming and consistent support from head to toe, offer you a good level of pressure relief and improves your sex experience.

The DreamCloud hybrid is considered ‘Medium Firm’ (6.5) that is in the average firmness level of the hybrid mattress. It is fairly responsive, which benefits from the special support center. It consists of a layer of pocketed coils encased by high-density foam, which gives the bed exceptional support. Besides, the mattress edge is also reinforced. The quick responsiveness and right amount of support enable you couple change positions freely during sex.

Also, the DreamCloud Hybrid makes a good balance between the bounce and noise. It keeps the extra bouncy ability, and at the same time, controls the noise to the minimum extent, both of which can highly benefit couples in sex.

DreamCloud has a relatively low price compared to other hybrids. From this point, we can say it is also a top-value pick. 

Another good news, the DreamCloud is backed by a 180-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, both of which are much longer than average.

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers)
  • People in all weight groups (light, average and heavy weight)
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • People with back pain or hip pain
  • Couples that prefer a highly responsive and bouncy surface

Best Latex Mattress for Sex

Brooklyn Bedding bloom hybrid mattress
Brooklyn Bedding bloom hybrid mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress

This is the second time that our editor picks the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid as the best mattress (First time is in the best soft mattress), since it is really outstanding according to the customer feedback and our actual tests.

Some couples may worry about the responsive and bouncy ability of this latex mattress. But according to the actual feedback from customers, there is no need for such a worry. 

The latex comfort layer fully conforms to you and the organic nature material is skin-friendly. This is a great advantage for you during sexual life. As you know, you may get undressed in the sex act, and your sink touches the mattress surface tightly. The organic nature material is eco-friendly and has no chemical things contacting your skin. It is totally safe and clean. This is one of the reasons why so many young couples select latex mattresses.

The Bloom Hybrid support center consists of thousands of individually pocketed coils encased by the high-density foam. This type of structure enables the mattress quick response and significant bounce ability, and gives you a better rhythm in the sex act. 

You will have a plush comfortable feeling when lying on the Bloom Hybrid, and you can also feel the traction when shifting the body. The traction highly enlarges the sex pleasure in climax.

So we totally agree that the Bloom Hybrid of Brooklyn Bedding is the best latex mattress for sex.

The Brooklyn mattress is made in the USA. It provides a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty with free shipping.

Good for:

  • All type of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combination sleepers)
  • People in all weight groups (light, average and heavy weight)
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Couples that prefer a highly responsive and bouncy surface
  • Couples that have sex in an average frequency
  • People who prefer eco-friendly material
  • Sensitive people 

Buying Guide – Finding the Best Mattress for Sex

Sex is a major consideration for most couples when buying new mattresses. But due to different preferences, the correct type of mattress will vary from couple to couple. This guide describes the major factors used to determine how a mattress feels and behaves in a sexual life. Also, we analyze different types of mattresses based on actual customer feedback and internal tests.

There are more than 10 key features you should consider when buying a mattress. Here we talk about 6 most important factors for the mattress of sex, responsiveness, bounce, edge support, noise, comfort, durability

1. Responsiveness

Responsiveness means how quickly the mattress “responds” or adjusts your body. A quick response mattress provides a stable and comfortable surface. While slow response mattress is, on the contrary, unstable and let you feel sinking which is uncomfortable and decrease the pleasure during sexual life.

2. Bounce

The bounce of a mattress is the ability to rebound when it is being compressed. The mattress with good bounce can always rebound quickly. While mattress with poor bounce will rebound very slowly or even cannot rebound to the original status. During sexual life, good bounce helps to create a consistent rhythm to your body, which improves your sexual satisfaction, especially in the climax.

Please note, many mattresses have the ability of motion isolation. It is a good ability for your sleeping, but for a sex act, it is not preferred, because the motion isolation design will reduce the bounce ability.

3. Edge Support

Many sex postures require a stable and powerful mattress edge. Edges that collapse under the pressure will negatively affect the sex experience. So the sufficient support in the mattress edge is also an important factor to be considered. 

4. Noise

Noise is another boring thing during sex. Mattress with springs or coils may produce loud squeaking noise when making love. It leads to embarrassing situations, especially for people in the next room. So a good mattress for sex, it would be best to keep silent during sex.

5. Comfort

Of cause, comfort is still a particularly important factor, which cannot be emphasized enough. During sexual life, you and your partner shall always feel comfortable in any position. So the best mattress for sex will be one that can never create pressure points on your body.

6. Durability

Last, Sexual activity should not reduce the lifespan of a mattress. A good mattress for sex should always provide high performance for years of consistent amorous activities.

Best Mattress Type for Sex

Mattress type is an important feature when you choose the best mattress for sex. Here we compare 4 popular mattress types in the market, innerspring, memory foam, latex and hybrid. Let’s see the details about pros and cons of each type in sexual life. 

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses are usually made up of a comfort layer and a center support core. The comfort layer consists of several layers of polyfoam and memory foam. The support center usually consists of thousands of open-coils pocketed in high-density foam. Innerspring mattresses offer above-average support and perfect bouncy. Most of them are also control the noise to a minimum extent. So they are the ideal mattresses in many couples.

Pros for sex
  • Excellent support and responsiveness, allowing you to move and switch positions easily.
  • Good bounce, allowing you to have better sex experience.
  • Decent traction. The innerspring model has a stable surface with decent traction, which highly improves the sex sensation during the climax.
  • Excellent edge support, allowing you to have a better sensation in some sex postures.
  • Temperature-neutral, which takes away the excessive heat during the sex act.
  • Lower price. Usually, innerspring is cheaper than other mattress types.
Cons for sex
  • A little uncomfortable. Some couples complain that their mattresses offer little conforming or pressure relief.
  • Noisy. Because of the springs or coils in the support core, innerspring is quite noisy compared to other mattress types.
  • Not very durable. The lifespan of the average innerspring model is shorter than other mattress types. Usually, it performs for 6 to 7 years.

Memory foam mattress

In the last few years, memory foam becomes one of the most popular mattress types in the market, especially in younger groups. Memory foam provides lots of favorite capabilities to improve the sleeping experience, but it has some potential drawbacks. 

Mattresses with special foams, such as gel or copper-infused memory foam (e.g. Layla mattress), also belong to this type.

Pros for Sex
  • Perfectly body-conforming. Memory foams closely conform to your body, evenly relieve the pressure, and give you more comfortable during sex.
  • Noise-free. Most memory foams have nearly no noise for body motion, allowing you to have more discreet sex.
  • Lower price. The average price is less than $1,000, which is relatively low compared to most other mattress types.
Cons for Sex
  • Slow responsiveness. Memory foams are not responding quickly when compressed. So you may not enjoy sex as much as other more responsive options.
  • Poor bounce. Memory foams are not bouncy, which will decrease your sexual pleasure.
  • Little traction. Though memory foams conform closely to your body, they still provide less traction, which decreases your sexual pleasure in climax.
  • More heat. Many couples claim their memory foam mattresses retain high levels of body heat and feel uncomfortably warm during sex.
  • Poor edge support. Usually, memory foam mattresses are not reinforced at the edges. So they have less edge support and cannot enjoy you in some sex postures.

Latex mattress

Latex is a natural and organic material used in many industries. Latex mattresses are becoming more and more popular in young groups. A standard latex mattress consists of at least one layer of latex in the comfort system, and a polyfoam or high-density latex support core.

Pros for Sex
  • Nice body-conforming. Latex conforms to your body closely, allowing you more enjoyable and comfortable during sex.
  • Virtual silence. Latex is good at motion isolation, which offers you an ideal environment to have more discreet sexual activity.
  • More durable. Generally speaking, the average lifespan of the latex model is more than 8 years.
Cons for Sex
  • Slowly responsive. Latex mattresses are slightly more responsive than memory foam models, but they still respond more slowly than innerspring and hybrid mattresses.
  • Less bouncy. The Latex material has good performance for motion isolation. On the contrary, it is poor bouncy.
  • Less traction. Most latex mattresses offer minimal traction, though they can conform to your body well.
  • Hotter. Latex retains less body heat than memory foam, but it is still too warm for some couples.
  • Less edge support. Similar to memory foam, the latex mattress offers little edge support, due to the foam-based support core.
  • High price. The average price of a latex mattress is about $1900, which is more expensive than other mattress types.

Hybrid mattress

As a standard hybrid mattress, the comfort system contains at least 2-inch of memory foam and/or latex. And the support core is made up of pocketed coils encased in the high-density foam. Meanwhile, in the mattress market, some hybrid models have a foam-based support core, actually, those mattresses are not “true hybrid”.

Pros for Sex
  • Fairly responsive. Hybrids respond to your body quickly when compressed, allowing you to move and change position easily.
  • Most comfortable. Hybrid conforms to your body and relieves pressure to a significant extent, which highly improves your sex experience.
  • Excellent conforming and traction. Hybrid provides excellent conforming and traction, which can highly improve your sexual pleasure.
  • Acceptable noise. Hybrids produce some light creaking from time to time, but this shortcoming has been solved well with the new technology. Now, most hybrids are fairly silent and discreet during sex.
  • Strengthened edge support. Most hybrids have fairly edge support, due to their coils encased support core.
Cons for Sex
  • Weak bounce. Hybrids are more bouncy than memory foams and latexes, but they are not as bouncy as innerspring. And please note, here the weak bounce is compared to the innerspring. Actually, the bounce of a hybrid is enough for sleeping and sex. 
  • A little hot. Hybrids tend to retain less body heat than memory foams, but you may still feel a little hot during the torrid sex.
  • Less durable. Most hybrids have less durable than the industry average. Generally, a hybrid mattress lasts six to seven years with normal sexual life.

Best Mattress Comparison for Sex

The table below is a comparison of our 7 picked mattresses according to 6 factors above. We give “A” to “AAA” ratings for every item.

AAA means the best rating. It is the highest level for that category.

AA means a better rating. It is better than the average level, but does not reach the highest level for that category.

A means OK. It is NOT bad, just not very strong in that area. But it still reaches the standard or average level. If you have a special need for a certain ability, such as strong bouncy, or absolutely silent, you want to consider at least AA for that item; if the score is A, you may think twice before purchase.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature HybridAAAAAAAAAAAA
Sealy InnerspringAAAAAAAAAAAA
Brooklyn Bedding Bloom HybridAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sleep Trial and Warranty Considerations

For the first time, many couples are not sure which mattress is best for them. Don’t worry. Now, most brands provide a period of sleep trail, typically 30 to 100 days. You can fully take advantage of this trial to test the selected mattress. If you are not satisfied with your option, return it before the end of the trial period and you can get a partial or full refund. 

However, it’s important to note that during the trial period, you shall keep your mattress clean and undamaged. Otherwise, most companies will reject your returns.

Most mattresses have a 10-year or longer warranty. During this period, the mattress manufacturer will repair or replace your defective mattress free of charge. However, you must understand clearly the scope of the warranty. Usually, most defects are covered, such as sagging, dents, or protruding wires. But if the mattress is stained or damaged by yourself during sex, the manufacturer is usually not responsible for free maintenance.


Generally, hybrid mattresses are the best type for sex. But as you know, the different couple has a different preference. Before you make the final decision, it would be better to look at all the criteria listed above.

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