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Alaskan King Mattress: The Ultimate Guide

The Alaskan King mattress is one of the larger mattresses on the market. Many people have heard of it but probably cannot find one in local mattress stores. In fact, Alaskan King mattresses are customized and can be found at many online custom mattress designer and builder platforms. Here we will introduce you to the complete information about the Alaskan King mattress and all related things.

Oversized Mattress

In the past decade, we have seen more and more customers want bigger and bigger mattresses. Traditional King size beds are not enough for them now.

  1. Some people like and want more space while sleeping with their partner. The sound from the other side of the traditional bed can be too loud, and the partner may have too many activities.
  2. Many young couples want the whole family to sleep together.
  3. Many families love to sleep with their big dogs. An Alaskan King mattress becomes more suitable than the traditional King size mattress.
  4. More and more people or couples want the biggest bed they can get.

In the past years, sleep needs have been changing, and bigger mattresses are evolving. According to the market investigation, there has been a significant increase in demand for custom mattresses. Although there are many traditional standard size mattresses in the market, Alaskan King beds are usually tailored to individual needs.

How Big Is an Alaskan King Mattress?

A King size is about 80″ x 76″, while an Alaskan King mattress is up to 108″ x 108″.

Here we will introduce you to the Wyoming King mattress, which is another oversized mattress. The size of the Wyoming King mattress is about 84″ x 84″. For some people, it solves the narrow problem of the California King mattress. The Wyoming King is a right choice if you do not have enough room for an Alaskan King bed, but still want to sleep with little children or smaller pets. Like the Alaskan King, Wyoming King mattress is a typical custom order.

Our visual contrast shows the size of the Alaskan King, Wyoming King, and California King mattresses.

mattress size contrast of Alaskan king, Wyoming King and California King
mattress size contrast of alaskan king, wyoming king and california king

Is the Alaskan King Bed My Best Choice?

The Alaskan King bed is very suitable for:

  1. Higher or larger couples, such as sportsmen;
  2. Couples sleeping with their children, typically more than one child;
  3. Couples sleeping with pets, such as big dogs;
  4. Couples who want to limit sleep interruptions;
  5. Those who think the traditional King bed is too short;
  6. Those who think the California King bed is too narrow;

The Alaskan King mattress has many advantages. First and foremost, a big mattress can give you and your partner more activity and less sleep disruption. An Alaskan King mattress can typically hold up to three or four adults. In general, a large surface area can make a large individual sleep more comfortable. Unless it is not suitable for your room, no one will complain that the mattress is too big.

Many couples select Alaskan King beds to sleep with their children or pets. It gives them enough space to roll over and can sleep more comfortably.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying an Alaskan King Bed

Room Space

For the extra larger size of Alaskan King mattresses, it is important to measure your bedroom to make sure there is enough space to accommodate the bed. Besides, it is also necessary to check your door size and stairway to make sure the mattress can pass through when you deliver it.

Some Alaskan King beds can be assembled into multiple modules for easier delivery and setup. If your room has a small-size door or narrow stairway, those assembled beds can be an excellent choice.


A bigger mattress means a bigger budget. According to the latest investigation, an Alaskan King mattress costs about $3500~$4500 on average, which is much higher than the price of the standard King or California King size mattress. The total price highly depends on the materials, components, and technology you want. If you prefer high quality and high-density memory foam or nature latex, the price increases much more than average.

Before ordering the mattress, it would be wise to double-check with your manufacturer about the material, shipping fee, and other costs.

And now, many mattress producers have provided online service at websites. So online search is a good idea to find your desired bed with less money than usual.

Mattress Warranty

The typical standard warranty may not cover your customized service. So it is necessary to check with your manufacturer about the mattress warranties. It is needed to review and understand all detailed warranty items of your mattress, especially for the material, components, shipping fee, and repairing time. For a standard size mattress, it is easy to replace or repair one with a low or free cost. But for the Alaskan King mattress, the material and components can be customized, and you can not find the same one easily. So you may wait much more time to have your mattress repaired.

Do I Need a Foundation for the Alaskan King Mattress?

You can have more options for your extra-large size mattress.

Depending on the size, some extra-large size mattresses can fit on two smaller size bed frames. For example, a family king size mattress can fit on two queen size bed frames, or a family LX king size mattress can fit on two California king size bed frames.

Other mattress sizes, such as the Alaskan Queen, need a custom foundation. In this case, getting a local artisan to do a basic foundation may be your best choice.

Note – you can also use your oversized mattress directly, without foundation. Most mattresses can be placed directly on the floor and can provide the same support and functionality as a mattress placed on a foundation.

Where Can I Buy an Alaskan King Bed?

The Alaskan King bed can be found pre-made by some mattress retailers, but you probably can not find one in the big-box mattress stores. The best way to have an Alaskan King mattress is to order it.

If you want to squander on such a large mattress, you can also customize it to your liking. Many mattress producers are willing to work with you for your particular requirements about the cover, foam thickness and densities, support center layer, and other materials and technology. So, you will have a clear understanding of the structure and composition of your mattress. And that will be very helpful for your mattress maintenance in the next few years.

You can find custom mattress manufacturers locally or online. The most advantage of customizing a mattress is that you can get a higher quality mattress than is perfectly suitable for your body.

How About the Quilt?

Having an Alaskan King bed, how do I estimate the size of bedding quilt? Here we introduce you to a great rule for selecting the comforter, especially for larger mattresses, that is 12-16. The 12-16 rule suggests that you should increase the quilt length by 12″ and the quilt width by 16″. For the 108″ x 108″ Alaskan King, your quilt should be about 120″ long and 124″ wide.

As you have noticed, the comforter should be hung on both sides of the bed, but the length will only cover the foot side of the bed. So the 12-16 rule perfectly solves this case. Even if the Wyoming and Alaskan are square, you still need wider quilts.

Where Can I Find Extra-Large Sheets?

Other things to consider are bed sheets, mattress protectors, and duvets covers in an extra-large size, which can not be found in the supermarket. However, you can easily find retailers online or order them from your mattress manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is an Alaskan King mattress?

The price ranges from $3500 to $6500 or more. Please remember, the total cost depends on the materials used, the foundation, and the shipping fee.

2. Where can I buy an Alaskan King bed?

Alaskan King beds are usually made to order, so most of them are found online, not in stores.

3. What is the size of the Alaskan King?

Although a King size is about 80″ x 76″, the Alaskan King size is up to 108″ x 108″.

4. How many people can an Alaskan King bed hold?

Usually, it can easily hold up to 4 adults, or 2 adults with 2 children and a pet.

5. How big does my bedroom need to accommodate an Alaskan King bed?

Your bedroom should be at least 16 feet x 16 feet. As you know, it is recommended that your bedroom shall be at least 12 feet x 12 feet to fit a standard King size bed. So the Alaskan King bed needs more spaces than usual.

6. Does the Alaskan King mattress have a foundation?

Not all companies sell mattresses with foundations. You’d better check it with your manufacturer before ordering one. And usually, an Alaskan King foundation can be divided into two or four parts.

7. Where can I find sheets for the Alaskan King bed?

Most Alaskan King bed retailers can offer custom bedding, including sheets, duvets, and pillowcases.

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  1. I am still trying to locater a company that offers the Alaskan King Bed for custom order. I have contacted Brooklyn Bedding and Casper, and Saatva Mattress. Neither do custom orders nor offer the Alaskan King Bed (108″x108″). Hovever, I did find a small business on ETSY that can custom build a bed frame for the Alaskan King Bed mattress.

    Any suggestions for locating theAlaskan King Bed mattress to order?

    1. myBolgxx218 says:

      Alaskan King Bed is not a standard size, and most mattress manufactures do not provide it because of less profits. I suggest you to check with some small business companies, some of them can provides custom services.

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