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You may think we started this website simply because we enjoy sleeping. Well, that’s true, but not the whole. The more important thing is that we try to improve the sleep quality. Sleeping is the simplest thing and we do it everyday. But why many of us feel not so good in sleep, even lost sleep. Here we’ll introduce many common things about sleep science.

We are MattressMozz, a mattress research team, we focus on the sleep health and mattress industry.

For a lady, you may care about your face, your neck and your body all the time, to show yourself. You may dream to become beautiful and beautiful every night. But do you know, there is a simple way to be shine, it is really very simple, its name is beauty sleep. Actually the beauty sleep is not a myth and it does lessen the severity of wrinkles in the face and neck, at least temporarily. The body cools in anticipation of bed time and the circulatory system increases blood flow to the skin. This is why the cheeks often flush at night. So to be beautiful, a comfortable mattress and enough sleep can be much better than piles of make-up.

For a man, you may work hard during the day to make enough money for family. Long time of tough work makes you tied and looks older than your real age. Still life looks bleak. While a comfortable mattress and enough sleep will recover you quickly and help you to be an energetic man. So it’s time to pay a little more attention to the sleep, also to the mattress :-)

Now come here to be professional for the sleep and mattress things.